Call Centre Management

Modern businesses are faced with numerous sources and types of communication which they can utilize to their advantage. A set of technology they can use to harness today’s multiple communication channels is call centre software. Call centre software comes in many forms and functions including but not limited to:

    Auto dialer,
    Call centre monitors,
    Call accounting solutions,
    Call analytics,
    Predictive dialer,
    Computer telephony integration (CTI),
    Interactive voice response (IVR), and
    Automatic call distributor (ACD).

Advancements in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and hosted software has made a reality the hosted call center environment requiring the most basic components – a PC, a browser and a phone. With our call center solution, we can now easily set up your own dedicated call center hub that can undertake quality monitoring, call recording, speech/text analytics, virtual queuing/web callback, and social media support.

What is call center software? It is your tool for enhancing your help desk and boosting customer support which are service areas you should do well to focus on for your business health.

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