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Hospital / Clinic Management Systems

Regardless of the remarkable achievements in technology, thousands of people are today suffering from preventable diseases and lack access to affordable health care. Electronic health records and medical practice management applications offer fully integrated electronic health records, practice management, scheduling, electronic billing and much more.

EMR software, when properly implemented, yields the following benefits:

Better quality of care. Features such as integrated drug databases, symptom checks and drug interaction verification help physicians prescribe the correct medications and dosages.

Improved clinical reporting. When patient information is digitized, it's much easier to create reports that identify and track health risks for individuals or groups of people. Such reports can help physicians intervene earlier when a patient is developing a worsening health condition.
Enhanced care coordination. It's important for charts to be easily accessible and legible so they can be shared with all authorized providers in a patient's care team, such as specialists and technicians. EMRs provide a standardized format to clearly present dated patient information that can be shared digitally—which is more secure than printing and transporting sensitive medical records to authorized individuals.