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Point Of Sale Systems (POS)

Your business frequently changes with the times, and so should you. All you need is a POS system that will make your work easier. You get features needed by small & Medium sized businesses to simplify the time-consuming tasks of accounting & inventory management. The system lets you focus on what really matters – Your Business.

You can manage not only a single store but also manage two or more stores efficiently. Accurate inventory, purchase, sales, and billing with reports will help you to make the right decisions for your business. Moreover, You don't have to rely on accountants or managers to create your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports.

We have developed the application keeping in mind the following:

    Simple but Comprehensive
    Manage your shops Online
    All you need is a phone / tablet / laptop / computer with Internet
    Automate tasks
    Easy to use
    Can support more than one shop / business